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All products meet state and federal specifications.

AWFS, Inc. is eager to assist you with all of the following:

  • Immediate delivery upon request!
  • Sign installations: All-Ways Flasher Service can install any post and sign as needed by our customers. We can install signs and posts in either cement or dirt. We can also offer cement-based installations, which are perfect for parking lot signs.
  • Road closure: We will close and mark as designated any road closure and detour projects as needed for customers. We have all the necessary signs and barricades for rental during the road closure project.
  • Rentals:
    • Light plantsWe have high and low powered light plant trailers for all your night project's needs. We have reduced prices for rentals lasting a week or longer.
    • Arrowboards: There are several arrowboards available to assist in traffic control. They have single and double arrow capabilities. We have reduced prices if the rental will be a week or longer.
    • Barricades:  There are several kinds of barricades available for rental: type 1, 2, or 3, plastic or steel and wood, with or without flashing lights.
    • Barrels: Our barrels can be rented with or without lights. All barrel rentals include the tire base ring.
    • Sign stands: There are also several kinds of sign stands we offer. We have a basic steel and wood sign stand specifically for wood or aluminum signs, or we have an E-350 aluminum sign that is more versatile and can be used for mesh roll-up signs, wood, or aluminum signs. For highway projects (or if you have need for a heavy duty sign stand) we have a dual spring stand for aluminum , wood, or mesh roll-up signs.
    • Navigators/Delineators: We have navigators for rent if your project requires a smaller alternative to a barrel.
    • Sandbags: Rental filled sandbags are available for use with plastic barricades or flood needs.
  • Personalized decals/signs:  We can design or reproduce any personalized signs, logos, or decal stickers to customer specifications. They can be designed with adhesive letters or silk screen.

Available for rent:

Type A Light w/Type 1 Barricade
Type A Light w/Type 2 Barricade
Type C Light w/Type 1 Barricade
Type C Light w/Type 2 Barricade
Type A Light
Type B Light
Type C Light
Type 1 Barricade
Type 2 Barricade
Type 3 Barricade
Sign Stands
18" Cones
28" Cones
Arrowboard Trailer
Arrowboard Trailer
Barrel w/Base
Barrel w/Base and Type A Light
Light Plant
Light Plant